Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My First Job in Mid-Kalimantan, Indonesia

Hey, just have a very safe flight from CGK to PKY.. I was Exactly landing on Palangka Raya city, Mid-Kalimantan, Indonesia. 
The weather was so damn hoooot and dry ~ but i was enjoying the trip and the service of LPMP here..

@ Tjilik Riwut Airport

in Palangka Raya, I met many kind local people. actually we still have the same culture with them, however we're separated by land, they're just like us! not really different :))

With The Principal, Mrs. Inalili

The Kids were going to perform a local traditional dance, named... "Hariak Lingu Nalatai Haringkin Karendem Malempang".. whatta looong name, btw :| but the dance was amazing...
uhmm,. they're cute, arent they?

Dancer Kid

After enjoyed the party and performance,
Then.. I continued my TRULY job, there.... xo xo

on screen =))

- The Curriculum 2013 's books -
actually, its a student book-based Theme.

Student books

in the end...
all i needed was... this bed. really -

sun glasses on bed

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