Tuesday, April 5, 2011

why nut? i like them :)

i'm starting love Korean boys band. hehe. i dont know. who was entering me which made me such crazy like this? haha.
but i think. it's not too bad for my music taste. its not too disturb my brain. lol
cause, the Kpop music has a good taste and enjoyable beat. i love the hi beat. yeah!

well. one of them is SUPER JUNIOR , :D
they just drug me like a hypnotic. so many people , girls, even boys become psycho of SJ. feel like wanna eat them when see their performance. lol
they good in dancing, looking, singing, n they're really multi-talented.

im just not gonna be a dependent of something, i must be free. so in music im free too. for a goodness one.

hello super junior, welcome to my heart :))

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