Sunday, April 3, 2011

i'll never forget

hi 15.

suddenly, i just think about to write u in my blog. (i know this is not important for u)

I want to make (despite) a lil note about you.
and honestly..
i'll never forget those memories.


every kindness.
every moments.
every feelings.
smile :).

when you care about me.
when you called me bunda.
when you hold my hand tightly.
when you accompanied me.
when you picked me up.
when you give me your arm to cried on.
when you kissed my forehead.
when you gave me some worth stuffs :)
when you....

aaa too much things/days/moments/stories about us.

everything. every time. every moments. that i wasted with you. it'll never be forget. :)

feel free.

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