Thursday, April 7, 2011

i suddenly hate you.

you were kind and care about me.

you look so innocent with your wide smile, you often tell me a joke, you look so faithful with your new girlf.
but suddenly i hate you. i don't want to know all about you!

let you kno. actually yesterday i was still caring about you, although i showed my badness behavior to you. i showed to you that i'm so cruel. i'm shouting you with a f*ckin words.
but it's just a way to forget you in my mind.!

and today. you try to make me angry with you!  you're annoying me. you just acted not like a gentleman! ( I think that you know what i mean)

i think, i have to start forget everything about you, about our stories, about anything ! forget all of things that we've spent together!.
april 8 '11

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