Wednesday, December 30, 2009


my name is rizki triandari,
I'm nice, friendly, but lil childish. :P

hmm. actually i'm not writing, but try to be like.
I wish, get started to be like in writing might be can helps my bad writing skill.hhe

alright. 1st i want to tell about my lil fam.
I'm the 3rd of my parents children.
I have 1 brother (oldest), and 1sister (older).

my mom is the best mom.
because she always gimme support. every time :)
I'm the lucky sister, because I have my brother >>
(bagus setiawardhana)

and my smart sister >>
(Suryandari Dwi Utami)

they are my greatest things I ever have till now :)

and. neve forget. my gorgeous Dad :) he is my dady. my lecturer. but I love him very much.

my family. is a gift from God.

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